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General dentistry

Professional Cleaning and  Scaling

It is advised to keep your gums and teeth healthy by regular dental check up and cleanings. Cleaning and polishing every 6 months will removes tartar that develop from plaque and prevents bacterial infection. Your teeth is in your jaw bones underneath your gums. If infection arises due to bacterial invasion and tartar buildup, you have a risk for losing bone levels and gum tissue, which ultimately led to tooth fall out. So dental cleaning is very important part of preventive dental care.


Dental Fillings

Amalgam is long commonly used material for posterior teeth. It contains approximately half of mercury and various amounts of composite of silver, tin, zinc, and copper. It is the lowest costs and least time-consuming dental works. Unfortunately, it does not hold its shape over time, corrodes easily, and is expected to last three to five years. There is industrial controversy that Amalgam which contains mercury, a known neurotoxin (poison to the nervous system) is suitable use in oral.

White Filling (Composit Resin)

White dental filling or tooth colored filling is made by composite resin. It is a tooth-coloured plastic mixture filled with silicon dioxide glass. Not only we can use composit filling to restore decay tooth, but it is also used for cosmetic improvements of patient smile by changing the colour or reshaping teeth. There is no report of health risks of using composite fillings before. Here are some benefits of composite resin over traditional amalgam.


  • Composite filling looks like natural teeth because they are the same color as teeth unlike Amalgam that feature silver color and easyily to be spoted.

  • It features strong and durable property, and making for a very natural looking smile.

  • Composite filling is useful for reshaping disfigured teeth


Composite filling resin is made of special plastic material that is able to bond to tooth structure and easily to repair. It requires less tooth structure to be removed away than any other material. It can last upto 5 to 7 years, although small size fillings can last longer. Serveral reports show that it can reinforces natural tooth and makes them stronger but it has higer cost and time to perform than amalgam. Composit filling is generally petrochemical derivative and possible to problem environment.


Tooth extraction:

Tooth losse can becomes from many reasons like severe gum disease, broken by accident
decay or severe infection, lacking of space ie. impacted wisdom tooth . Crooked teeth because of lack of space in mouth. Having an extra tooth that prevents others from coming out of the gum

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as 3rd molars, are the last teeth to erupt of people mouth. This generally happen between the ages of 17 and 25, a time of life that is called the "Age of Wisdom". Anthropologists told the rough diet of early humans will result in the excessive wear of their teeth. Normal drifting of the human teeth to compensate for this wear ensure that the space is available for most wisdom teeth to erupt by adolescence.


Porcelain Inlay/Onlay

When larger cavities or broken down areas, inlay or onlay to cover more of the tooth surface may be indicated. Inlay/Onlay restorations are indirect because they require two visits and model by dental lab. The porcelain Inlay/Onlay restoration is more expensive than composite fillings which is normally used for small fillings. Ceramic restorations are much more durable and will not stain. White inlay/onlay is actually glued into the tooth and there is a body of research that claims that because of this the tooth ends up stronger after such a procedure, less prone to problems.


Gold Inlay/Onlay Because gold long has history, it is judged over other materials. This type of restoration is used when maximum strength is desired and appearance is not most concern. Gold is almost never used in its pure form; rather gold is used as an alloy with other metal elements. It costs approximately 3 - 4 times more than an amalgam and takes 2 visits.

The composition and amount of each metal in the alloy determines whether it is classified as a “high noble” and “noble,” metal. “Noble” means gold, platinum and palladium. The most expensive gold alloys are “high noble” or "high precious" and they have at least 60% noble metal composition and at least 40% gold. An alloy can still be called “noble” or "Semi-Precious" if it has at least 25% noble metal content. The cheapest materials fail even that test and are called “base” or "non-precious" alloys–they have less than 25% noble metals. It is especially important for patients with metal sensitivities to avoid the base alloys it contain toxic metals such as nickel and chromium. Although even the high noble materials can be incompatible for some patients.


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