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Dental Smile Pattaya Warranty

Due to the highly professional care we provide we are able to give our patients a warranty on dental treatments. During the guarantee period, we are happy to help you in case any related problem occurs, although according to our records problems rarely occur within the warranty periods. The treatment recommended by us for your oral health depends on individual condition. As a result, each treatment will be carefully customized after thorough diagnosis. It is imperative that you continue home care of your teeth and gums in addition to scheduling your routine dental cleaning and professional exams as recommended by our office. At this point, let us remind you that the final ownership of your oral health rests on you. Long-term success of our caring treatment greatly depends on how sensitive you are to your oral health.  

The guarantee covers our time and the cost of any necessary materials. It does not cover the cost of travel, accommodation nor any consequential losses that may be incurred. The Guarantee periods for dental work as follows:-

Our Warranty
Dental Crown and Bridge
We will replace or repair the same type at no extra charge to you during these 3 years.
Dental Veneer
We will replace or repair the same type at no extra charge to you during these 3 years.
Dental Fillings
If the composite restoration fails, we will replace or repair it for the period of 2 years from the placement date.
We will repair dentures and partials for a period of 3 years from the placement date, if a tooth chips, breaks or flange breaks.


Implant Screw

We will replace or repair the same type of titanium implant fixtures at no extra charge to you during these 5 years.

Crown on Implant

We will replace or repair the same type of any crown on implant at no extra charge to you during these 3 years.

You must keep the prescribed regular recall appointments (minimum 6 months) for routine professional exam,
x-rays and cleaning with us or your local dentist. Our clinic is unable to offer warranty services:-

1. If patient fails to recall for professional exam or oral hygiene is neglected
If the dentist's instructions are not followed properly.
2. In case of accidents,
sports and suffering facial trauma
3. In case of a smoker patient

4. If an illness is present, which has an unfavorable effects on the mouth (ie. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis,
5. If there is a gum disease, periodontal problem or
unforeseen root canal treatment
6. If the
continual dental works is performed by other dentists.

Please be noted that Refund is not part of what we guarantee. To invoke the guarantee you must contact us immediately and before taking any other action. We do not reimburse overseas dental expenses made by other dentists back home post treatment nor do we reimburse travel and accommodation expenses traveling back for our warranty claims.


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